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New Bishop of Santander Appointed by Pope

Pope Benedict XVI Names Msgr Vicente Jiménez Zamora Bishop of Santander

Msgr. Vicente Jiménez ZamoraThe Spanish Apostolic Nunciature announced to the Spanish Conference of Bishops at 12:00 pm today, Friday the 27th of July, 2007, that the Holy See has made public the news that Pope Benedict XVI has named as bishop of Santander, Msgr. Vicente Jiménez Zamora, currently bishop of Osma-Soria.

Msgr. Carlos Osoro, the outgoing apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Santander, asked that the church throughout Cantabria embrace with love Msgr. Jiménez, the current Bishop of Osma-Soria and future Bishop of Santander.

The Diocese of Cantabria y Valle de Mena now has its new pastor. Pope Benedict XVI announced at noon yesterday the naming of Msgr. Vicente Jiménez Zamora, Bishop of Osma-Soria, the official head of the Cantabrian church. Minutes after the papal announcement the bells of the cathedral in Santander rang for fifteen minutes to call attention to the announcement.
The new bishop will take charge of the diocese in September, exactly one year after his pre-decessor, Msgr. José Vilaplana, was transferred to the Diocese of Huelva after 15 years of episcopal ministry in Santander. The Holy See named Vilaplana its chief official in Huelva last July.
The Archbishop of Oviedo, Msgr. Carlos Osoro, who had been the apostolic administrator of the Cantabrian diocese during the year-long interregnum, said yesterday that during the three years that Jiménez was Bishop of Osma-Soria, he had shown himself to be a person both humble and approachable. "He is a man of God and of faith, with a good head for getting things done the right way".


3.	Pope John Paul ll with Msgr. Vicente Jiménez ZamoraVicente Jiménez Zamora was born in Agreda, Spain on 28 January 1944. He holds degrees in Philosophy and Dogmatic Theology, and specialized in Moral Theology at the Universities of Saint Thomas, the Gregorian, and the Alfonsina Academy, Alfonsina in Rome, respectively. He also studied for two years at the seminary in Comillas